I jacked up the car to have a look at the brakes.  The RR one was
definitely badly stuck.  I loosened the bleed screw and it didn't
release, so it wasn't a swelled hose.  I got the caliper pried off the
car and found that the pucks were very sticky, a bit rusty.  I drove
the pucks out (serially) using a C clamp and the brake pedal, then I
cleaned each bore and puck with wet and dry 600 grit sandpaper,
sluiced out that side (there was a fair bit of grunge in the caliper)
using brake cleaner, lubed the puck with brake fluid and re-installed
the puck, which slipped in easily once it was cleaned up.  The rubber
boots were still intact, and were no problem to reuse.  In essence
this was a brake caliper rebuild, except that I didn't use new rubber.
The old seemed fine, the problem was just rust buildup from having sat
so long.  There was a bit of a ridge on the outside edge of the brake
disc, preventing easy removal of the pads, so I put the car in gear
and then took a grinder to it to lathe off the ridges.  The pads
themselves looked like they might be nearly new, they were very thick.
After putting it back together I bled that brake and then took a test
drive.  Much better, you could tell when coasting downhill that there
was much less drag.  No heat on the hub either when I got back.

-- Jim

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