Nothing _looks_ wrong with the throttle linkage, other than the
obviously disconnected accessories.  But it sure doesn't feel right,
and sure doesn't act right.  The red "Stop" label is gone too.

The accessory vacuum hosing is a mess, as one would imagine.  The ADA
is hooked to the central locking, etc.  I think the only thing
actually hooked to vacuum (besides the brakes) is the key shutoff.
Central locking and the AC flaps are not.

Put car on charger.  Didn't take any charge, so that implies that the
charging system was working yesterday.  Tried to start the car, and
even after three glows didn't get more than the occasional puking fire
attempt.  Lots of white vaporized fuel around, smelly.  Bad glow
plugs?  Tight valves?  Will look into it.  The missing condensor, AC
hoses, and fan may be harvested from Smelly, the woods car.  Smelly
(300D) also has a transmission, if it should turn out that way.  Back
on charger during breakfast, I brought in the glovebox receipts to paw
over during same.

Nothing too good in the receipts.  A typical fillup was perhaps 30-37
gallons.  The car did sell for $1500 a few years ago.

Checked the glow plugs after breakfast, and while they were getting
power one of them (#3) was dropping 2.8V (vs approximately 1V rated)
and the one upstream (#4) was only dropping 0.8V, so something was
amiss there.  I pulled the wiring off of them and cleaned it, but #3
still had measurable resistance.  (It shouldn't.)  I pulled it out and
found that its connection collar for the block-side connection was
rusty, so I pulled it apart and cleaned it too.  Putting it all back
together I found that it was better, but then another one spazzed out
some.  I ended up pulling three plugs to clean connections before I
got the system dropping about 1V on each plug.  Lots of smoke boiled
off of the toaster racks that had gotten all oily from handling.

Next I adjusted the valves.  Seven of eight were very tight, including
all the intake valves.

While putting the valve cover back I cleaned and lubed the throttle
linkages in the area.  Examination showed that it was unable to push
the mechanism against the full-load stop due to the link to the
transmission bottoming out.  A careful look showed a mark in the
adjustment slot where the bolt head used to be, so I moved it there
and tightened it back down.  That let the whole linkage move much

During the valve adjustment I managed to break one of the brittle
injector return lines (an extremely common occurrence), so I replaced
it all with new line.

Ready to start.  I gave it one glow cycle and it fired right up,
unlike this morning's pukefest.  It died pretty soon after that, but
the second time it stayed running.  Of note is that the engine is so
gutless right now that it can't even seem rev to redline when cold.  I
then backed it off the trailer and took it for a short test drive up
the hill.  The automatic transmission engages in gears, both forward
and backward, quickly.

Gutless.  The shift linkage correction made the pedal and shifting
behavior more in line with what you'd expect, but the engine has no
power.  Fuel filters?  It drove OK, the wipers worked normally in the
rain, and the heater fan did its job (though the control for it is
stiff).  The engine warmed up quickly and heat was good.  I noticed no
flaring or slipping of the transmission.

-- Jim

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