On 01/06/2015 5:22 PM, fmiser via Mercedes wrote:
clay wrote:

The w115 300d has a host of issues.  One I would like
to resolve for next to no cash would be the leak in
the power steering system.

  Question is, can I delete the PS?
fmiser wrote:

Sure you could.  But you probably want a different
Randy wrote:

And, if you plan to drive this thing for hours on end, then
you will appreciate power steering so don't throw it out.
I disagree.

I have driven hundreds of thousands of miles with "plain"
steering - but it was never a power-assist system run without

In general, I prefer the feel of un-assisted steering.  Low
speed parking, especially backing a trailer, is a lot more
effort.  In my experience, when traveling faster than parking
lot speeds it isn't really any more effort than power assist
steering.  This experience covers compact cars, full-sized
cars, light duty trucks (pickup), heavy duty truck (class 5
and class 8), without a trailer, with a small trailer (less
than 20 ft [7 m]), and with long trailers (up to 53 feet [16

So with a "plain" gearbox, I would not at all mind not having
power assist steering on a W115.

I would say that my 115 300D requires more effort than most vehicles that I have driven with power steering. I assume that Mercedes did that on purpose and that it is normal for the vehicle. So, I doubt there is much to gain by going to a non-power steering setup on the vehicle and that there is something to lose - especially if one is going to drive it for hours at a time in a racing environment.

I learned to drive on non power steering vehicles. My father normally did not go in for the frills. We had manual transmissions and power nothing.
I have had a number of vehicles over the years without power steering.
One of them was a 1968 Chevy pickup truck. It was ok at highway speeds but a real devil to park. Not so much due to the effort it took to turn the wheel so much as the number of turns required. The steering is slow compared to power and it is thus more difficult to put into a parking spot or to pull into the garage off of the street etc.

In any event, I suspect that it will be as easy to repair the leaks in Clay's car as it will be to replace with a non power unit and thus suggested he just enjoy the power steering.



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