BillR wrote:
A couple of weeks ago my '81 SD started an occasional weak buzzer sound from
under the dash.  It was rare and brief at first, and stopped when the
blinkers were activated.  It has gotten more frequent and longer lasting,
and this morning when I turned the key the left blinker came on and would
not quit.  A bit of fooling with the turn switch got it to go back to an
occasional buzz, but I suspect things need to be dealt with.  I pulled the
knee panel and determined that it was the left buzzer that was letting go.
My suspicion is the I am getting a short in the steering column and need to
pull the blinker stalk and check that.  For those familiar with such things,
I could hope it is something that sounds easier.  Any other suggestions?  If
that is what it needs, how big a job is that?  USAF mechanic son is out of
the area for training, and I am hoping it will hold until he is done and
back in the area..  Is it something a used to be handyman could tackle -
keeping in mind that more than minimal exertion is not a possibility for me.

Try operating the hazard switch half a dozen times and see if thing return to normal.

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