The aftermarket Sony radio in my '87 wagon finally died, and whomever
installed it really hacked up the factory wiring.  Some of the original
connectors appear to be there, I found two.  Looks like the factory radio
should have been a Becker Grand Prix, model 754.

I've got a spare Becker 1492, which I'd like to install.  This afternoon I
went by a local pick-n-pull and from a W202 I cut the radio connectors and
about a foot of the factory wiring, so I have connectors that fit into the
back of the 1492 including the CD changer port.

Q1: What to do with the nearly-dead fader switch in the center console?
Should I bypass, or bite the bullet and get a new fader switch.  If bypass,
have you got a wiring diagram?  I have already tried a thorough cleaning
with De-Ox-It, which helped a little, but it is still pretty miserable.

Q2: The 1492 has a connection port for a CD changer, but I have no such
thing in the wagon.  Have you a wiring diagram so I can make an aux input
Charleston SC

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