Thanks Rich.  I think the easy route will be to bypass the fader, I'd like
to figure out how to do that without cutting off the fader connector so
that it can be restored to stock in the future.  I'm not having much luck
finding a DIY on the intertubes for which pins to jumper (or run new wires
to) in order to route sound signal to the rear speakers.

Aux input: yes, it looks like hacking into the cassette board will be the
best option, if I can't figure out how to use the CD changer inputs.  I'm
not sure how to approach that yet, may need an o-scope to sample the

Charleston SC

On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 9:20 AM, Rich Thomas via Mercedes <> wrote:

> I think those fader "swithces" are just variable resistors/potentiometer
> things. put a meter on it and see what it does.
> Newer head units (I don't mean Beckers -- no idea what they have -- but
> any other thing you buy) have the fader built in so you can just bypass it
> and use the "native" function.
> Again, I don't know about Beckers but I was looking at the schematic for
> the radio in my truck, which I liberated from the 2000 Suburban when I put
> a new unit in there.  I want to put an aux input for an ipod or a bluetooth
> module, and the way to do that is to tap into the cassette line.  The unit
> itself has a remote cassette player that uses that line so just a matter of
> putting the wires and a mini-plug socket somewhere near the unit.  Of
> course this is on my "to-do" list...  Some people have found success by
> just opening up the unit and looking at the board or inputs and just
> tapping/splicing into the proper wire or trace or plug or something on the
> main board -- apparently most of them are annotated on the boards or it is
> easy enough to see what goes where.
> --R

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