> > Mitch wrote:
> > 
> > Which reminds me, my prepaid year of discounted
> > 1and1 service is up in a couple of weeks. 
> > Any suggestions for a new email/domain host?

> Dan wrote:
> I dumped 1&1 a year ago for GoDaddy. I've been pleased,
> although I don't care for their (POP) email, as you have to
> go and clean it out regularly or your mail bounces when it
> gets full.

Err - that would be true of _any_ email server.  Once it's
full, any new mail bounces.

Personally, I would NOT use GoDaddy.  I started using them
more than 10 year ago.  There intro prices for domains is
aggressive, and there service has been good.  I just don't
like their marketing.

So I have migrated away.  My actual web hosting for almost 15
years has been http://www.site5.com.  I choose them because
they used Linux servers, were adamant about no adult content,
and prices were decent.   Now years later, they have proven
to be good.  I have had occasional troubles and they have
always been prompt and effective at fixing it.  I'm even
allowed a ssh login!

If all you want is a domain and enough server to host email,
it's probably overkill.  If you actually have a website to
host, I recommend them.

--  Philip


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