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They say,

What Is The Process of Applying Your Leak-Free Roof?

Two phases are required to properly install Your Leak-Free Roof. First,
the Fix My Roof Prep Crew clears all debris and/or gravel from the roof.
Next, we wash the roof’s entire surface with a high-powered pressure
washer and allow it to dry; proper adhesion of the silicone to Your
Roof’s substrate requires zero dampness.

In the Second Phase, our Restoration Crew seals the roof’s edges and
reinforces all seams, penetrations, and areas of potential failure with
butyl mesh. The Restoration Crew then applies the liquid silicone and
reinforced mesh to the entire roof. The topcoat of silicone can either
white (for maximum energy savings) or tan (if your neighborhood or
homeowner’s association requires it. Custom colors are also available for
an additional cost and with 2 months advance notice.



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