Maybe they need to build the wind turbine towers to be compressed air tanks
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On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 1:56 PM, Andrew Strasfogel via Mercedes <> wrote:

> Compressed air in the works for Canadian wind power storage.
> Nova Scotia-based Unify Energy won $250,000 for a compressed air project in
> that province using new technology also from a California firm, Light Sail.
> The project will attach to a wind farm enough shipping containers to store
> electricity to run 200 houses for eight hours, Sebastian Manchester said in
> a telephone interview.
> “Twenty modules could help integrate a pretty big wind farm,” said
> Manchester, adding that he is looking for partners in Alberta.
> These compressed air shipping containers are much bigger than Tesla’s
> fridge-sized batteries. But they are also much cheaper to manufacture, use
> readily available materials and can store about as much power, he said.
> The compressed air is put into carbon fibre storage units inside the
> shipping container at 3,000 PSI.
> The system is high-efficient as heat generated by compressing the air is
> stored in water and used later to decompress the air when electricity is
> needed.
> Three other winners are ZincNyx Energy Solution, University of Calgary with
> large scale liquid batteries, Ambri and Eguana Technologies.
> The companies have two years to complete their projects.

OK Don

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