It sounds like Dan has a good relationship with his son. That's great and Dan 
should be proud of himself and proud of his son for making that happen. 

According to the police, Dans son hit another car. Since Dans son is in the 
process of becoming a responsible adult, he should have a constant reminder for 
a while of why defensive driving is very necessary.

By chance, having to drive the car that was damaged will probably be a very 
good reminder until Dan finds replacement parts which are certainly available 
somewhere, but might take a while.

Looking at the damaged car sitting in his drive every day is probably going to 
be harder on Dan than on his son since Dan is an admitted perfectionist, but 
this could be an extremely good learning experience for his son.

My suggestion would be for Dan to keep looking for the replacement parts on a 
regular basis, even involving his son in the search if he doesn't have too much 
homework, and let his son drive the damaged car in the meantime.

My wife and I used this approach on our children, and they grew up to be 
responsible and successful adults.



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