I also do not know how he could "guarantee" these filters. What exactly
would that mean? For example, if you run into problems with your old motor
with 300K plus miles on it, how are you going to prove it was the fault of
the filter? You can talk oil analysis all you want but I would not think it
fair to pursue the vendor of the oil filter that you chose and installed. If
you don't like the idea, then do not use the "new" filter. However, we are
seeing more and more things come out of the far east that are a good or
better than many of the products that we used to produce in the west. It was
not always like that but it is becoming more so on a daily basis.

Any engineers on here with the facilities to do some testing? It would be
interesting to know if there is any difference in the oil based upon the
brand of filter being used. I have not been around here long enough to know
if y'all have been through this in depth but I know there has been
considerable discussion and some reasonable data on other forums relating to
various oil filter manufacturors.

I am sort of a believer that if I change the oil often enough, it likely is
not going to be a huge issue what brand of filter I use. I ran a 77 Ford and
then an 86 Ford over a hundred thousand with minimal wear using basic house
brand filters and oil. I changed both at 3000 mile intervals and never had
any issues (apart from headgaskets which is how I ended up having a look at
the cylinders etc.). If you plan to run expensive synthetic lubricants and
want to extend your change interval then you should either pay for a premium
filter (and hope you get what you pay for) or possibly, change the filter
mid cycle.

My 2 cents. Your mileage may vary etc.

Randy B

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Hendrik asked the tough question:

"Question is, are you willing to risk your reputation with these cheap
 filters. Just because they look similar does not mean that the quality is
 the same. Personally I pay a little extra to get genuine filters.
 Also are you willing to guarantee these filters?"

I don't believe Rusty can be duped....
He does this for a living. He's not going to fling out a piece of crap out
there for us.
He certainly can make more money selling us the filters we're used to
buying. Why would he risk invoking our collective ire?

Bob Rentfro
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'01 VW Beetle TDI 61K
Litchfield Park, AZ

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