I had a set of general tires on my 2500 duramax for the last few years, probably still had at least half or more of tread left, very even wear. For the last maybe 5k or more miles I have had an annoying vibration that I could not balance out. One tire had a little bit of slipped belt. In the last few days what was an annoyance turned into a major issue as in the truck felt like it was going to shake apart. I had a set of Michelins LTX highway tires that were ordered for my 2wd suburban but this truck needs tires now as I am not sure if they will blow up at any minute or not. If I ordered then for my 4wd truck I would have ordered the AT tires. Oh well I don't go off road that much anyway exempt to load or unload in the pasture and have got stuck several times with these supposedly off road general tires when they should have easily got me out. So my tire machine is still at the old house so in the 110 heat index I installed the Michelins on the truck. 2 of the Generals had major bulge from slipped belts. The other 2 looked like possibly they had the beginning of slipped belts but not sure. My spin balanced has already been moved to the new shop so I did not balance the wheels at all. On the ride home the Michelins were perfectly smooth with no weights at all up to 70mph, which is as fast as I went with the truck bed fully loaded with parts and the trailer loaded with a 124. I'm going to pull the wheels back off tomorrow and balance them but heck they just about don't need it. The generals only had maybe 20k on them.

I had a set of generals on a 140 that developed a bulge in the side wall bad on 1 tire and slightly on a couple others. I also had a set on my 124 that I did not like but only had a few miles on then and moved them over I the kids 124 and they did were not on there very long before they had some problem.

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The Generals I've had on cars are no good in schnee. but they wear decently and did not slipped belts. We will see how well the michelins hold up in a few years. FWIW, the Michelins I've had all came apart.


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