> > > Dan wrote:
> > > 
> > > I removed the release handle and found that the cable
> > > was disconnected. I reconnected it, only to now have a
> > > release handle that sticks out of the dash 2"-3", and
> > > still doesn't release the parking brake, which also
> > > continues not to latch.

> > Mitch wrote:
> > 
> > It sounds to me like something is stuck, and it's ALWAYS
> > releasing the parking brake. 

Kinda what I was thinking

> archer75--- wrote:
> Nothing has been said about solvents such as Blaster or
> WD-40. I squirt everything remotely connected to a system
> with WD-40 first since  the smell goes away faster.

Too bad it doesn't work very well.

> If that doesn't work, I use stinking PB Blaster and repeat
> the process. Been doing that ever since ...
> "Eveready" (circa 1940s-50s) was the favorite solvent which
> was far better than any of the stuff available nowadays. 

Have you tried Kroil/Arokroil?  Or automatic transmission
fluid and acetone?

I acquired a monster chain-type come-a-long and am currently
soaking the chain in a (covered) bucket of ATF and acetone.
We'll see...  It took most of a gallon of used ATF to cover
the chain.  I put a bit less than 2 cups of acetone.  Maybe
not enough - but I'm cheap!


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