John Berryman wrote:
On Wednesday, February 1, 2006, at 12:09 AM, David Brodbeck wrote:

If the turbo got hot enough to cook paint off an unprotected hood, no
one's air cleaner would have any paint left! :)

The 201 turbo hood pad would have a heat shield on the right side, above the turbo. The car/engine being referred to is a 1989 normally aspirated.

My 190D 2.5t original hood pad DIDN'T have the silver heat shield (nor does the replacement) and there's NO evidence of hood or replacement pad damage even after 10-15 kmi of high speed highway driving (and a LOT more city driving).

My '87 300TD (turbo) doesn't have any heat shield on the original pad either (another year or two and the pad will need replacement - but NOT from turbo heat - just old age).

I'm pretty sure I have seen a few OM503.96 engines (maybe late '87 production) with heat shields above the turbo, but certainly not ALL of them did - and one certainly wasn't needed in either of my OM60x.96 engines.

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