John Berryman wrote:
>         "Mechanics" must pull them off and throw them in the dumpster or
> something.

I tend to suspect chain store lube monkeys. If you catch them at it, I wonder 
if you
could buy new from the dealer and send them the bill? That would get their 
Here's some confirmation from another forum:

01-26-2006, 08:13 PM 

 The oil changer places are notorious for "losing" the hush panels. I have 
friends that
took their cars to the shop for oil changes and the hush panels were not put 
back . A
friend of mine who has a son working in one of those joint said it is not 
uncommon to find
a few of these panels lying around at the end of the day, and nobody has any 
idea which
car they came from!!For those who have W124s, the ones for the diesel command 
$$, and you
can't get a used one! Removing the hush panel is not difficult, but it's sure 
messy in
mine (I have to fix that oil leak!).

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