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> And I forgot to question " EV and Plug-in Hybrid...are better, faster,
> cleaner, cheaper to buy, cheaper to operate and cheaper to maintain than
> gas cars.  Its just the public is not aware of that yet."

Better is subjective. 
SparkEV is a better driver in many ways than Spark (even the upgraded 2016-2017
Sparks have less than 100hp, and none of them can squeal the tires to 40mph like
SparkEV can), but I have trouble thinking of anything a Leaf can do that a
Sentra cannot. 

Faster only applies to Spark and Tesla. 

Cleaner I have to wonder about, especially when taking remote powerplant and
manufacturing induced emissions into account. 

Cheaper to buy, only if you really mean 'bought with taxpayers' money. Spark is
a $14k car, SparkEV is a $26k car. Sentra is a $18k car, Leaf is a $30k car. And
don't get me started on Tesla. 

Cheaper to operate, yes, for me an electric uses 2-3 cents per mile of fuel. A
40mpg gasser is 6 cents.  

Cheaper to maintain, in the short run, an EV needs brake fluid, wiper blades and
tires, and every ten years or so coolant and hoses, assuming it has a proper
cooling system. 
But the first out of warranty traction battery ($5k for Leaf, probably much more
for cars with proper battery thermal management systems) will get your
attention. I figure if I can get a used Leaf or preferably SparkEV for 10-12
cents per remaining battery warranty mile it'd be worth buying. And I have seen
$8k certified pre-owned Leafs with under 25k on the odo and battery warranty to
100k (friends don't let friends buy 2011-2012 Leafs with 60mo/60k batteries). 



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