The seller claims in its been in the family since new.  If they have records 
showing a new head/engine/rods  etc, then that car is an absolute steal.   I 
agree with you, if it has never been addressed it is just a matter of time.  In 
fact, it makes more sense that it has not failed yet considering such low 
mileage.  Remember what Dr. Booth said, if the issue has not been addressed 
then they ALL fail without exception.  

I was at an Auction last year and a very nice super clean 90 300E (124) with 
only 60,000 miles sold for $9,000.  I thought it would go for $6000 or maybe 
$7,000 if there was a bidding war.  I can only imagine what a 126 Diesel with 
45,000 miles could do at a big auction.  A lot of low mileage cars are bought 
at these auctions by dealers who put them on ebay for insane prices.  If I had 
that car and the rodbender issue had been fixed, I wouldn't take less than 
$10,000 for it.  There are enough people out there who love MB diesels and love 
the 126 that I think it could go HIGH! 

Don Snook 

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If the rod bending aspect of things hasn’t been addressed, it’s a time bomb 
waiting for a rebuild.


>> On Oct 12, 2016, at 5:17 PM, Donald Snook <> wrote:
>> Pricey? With 45,000 miles?   That sounds like a steal.  Seriously.  Unless 
>> it has bent rods or they have never been addressed.  If the rodbender issue 
>> has been done, you should run over to pay for it!  
>> Looking at the condition, the mileage could be correct.  Sheesh if I had my 
>> BMW sold I would be paying you to go over and do an inspection on it.  
>> Don Snook 
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>> Subject: [MBZ] Nice, A Little Pricey
>> The quarter sized rust spot below the back window is troubling as is the low 
>> mileage.  I’m wondering if the rod bending issues have been addressed.
>> Dan
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