I just put the manifold back on this E300 dizzel and took it out for a spin. 
Wouldn’t get out of first gear no matter what speed/revs.  Engine Ran great 
though. At least I cleaned out the carbon a bit. 

Came back home and got out to get the mail and decided to have another go. Got 
out on the road and stomped it, the thing took off like a rocket and slammed 
shifts all the way to 70. Fast. Damn!  Running fine. LOTS of power. Steering 
very tight after replacing those bushings.  I guess the tranny just needed to 
get happy or something. 

I cleared the codes and restarted everything. It’s still showing 2 codes and 
the GP light is on so maybe it does have bad plugs. I guess I’ll get a set and 
have at that, but at least it starts ok and runs well now. It was idling kinda 
rough, like missing on a cylinder or two every few seconds. But now it is 
pretty smooth so maybe I just need to run it some and get the injectors and 
such cleaned out. I think I have some techron in the garage, guess it wouldn’t 
hurt to dump that in. 

I might keep this car for awhile. It’s half decent. Get the AC sorted out for 
summer, maybe gits summadem cheepcheep New tars fo it. Be stylin. 

Man I love it when things work out. 

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