Yes, and I've heard of truffle-sniffing dogs, or was that pigs - the
truffles are detected by the animal and sold for good money. This is
somewhere in Europe I believe. Anyway, my late Dobie was trained to find

A rememberance just hit me: One day at an obedience trial around Lancaster,
PA I saw Winnefried Strickland (the "First Lady of German Shepherd
Obedience"). And even more interestingly, her car was a 300 SE,or SD (I
didn't find out which at the time). Silvery blue in color. You know, all
dogs are required to be leashed at these obedience events, but Ms.
Strickland sat op her lawn chair with a small pack of GSDs around her loose.
She could get away with it.


You guys wrote:

There are also termite sniffing dogs ...

I hadn't heard that, but it doesn't surprise me.

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