Hi Craig,
Sorry to hear about your wife's health problems. I had 2 seizures in the 80s and thankfully have had no more although I am disabled with a MS type disease (nerve damage) - don't know if the 2 problems are related.. One of our Chiuahuah's has seizures - all 2.5#'s of her - I wonder if a 80# G Shep would be appropriate to watch after her? {lol} Ya gotta laugh! I pray I never have another seizure - it frightens all around at the time. Thankfully I remember little of it.

   God luck -  those G Sheps sound very special indeed!

Larry T (67 MGB, 74 911, 78 240D, 91 300D)
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On Thu, 23 Nov 2006 13:31:17 -0800 (PST) Christopher McCann

Thanks for sharing that, Craig. I am sorry to hear that your wife has
seizures. I have recently just read about seizure dogs. IT IS AMAZING.
I could not believe what I was reading! For those who don't know,
seizure alert dogs can tell when a person is about to have a seizure
BEFORE the person knows they are going to have one. The dog alerts the
person and is also trained to protect them during the seizure (laying
between them and objects, etc). Craig, correct me if I'm wrong. That is
my understanding. The book I read said that doctors are not sure how
seizure dogs work but they think the dogs can smell changes in brain
chemistry that precede a seizure!


You are correct. Our dog's grandfather can warn his owner typically 20
minutes before a seizure. Once he warned an hour beforehand. Since the
talent to detect seizures runs in dog families, we're expecting good
things from Ori.

The newest thing is melanoma detection dogs. Absolutely amazing.

Actually, they can detect all kinds of cancers.

There are also termite sniffing dogs ...

I hadn't heard that, but it doesn't surprise me.

Gentle as a lamb with our one year old... really neat to watch them

And she'll be very protective of the little one as they both grow up.


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