I bought an 84 240 in 85. It lasted ~10 years before it rusted away.
The manual transmission had a bolt on electronic overdrive that gave
you a 5th gear when you pressed the little square button on top of the
gear shift knob. Reminded me of the James Bond ejector seat. Had to
replace the leaking front crankshaft seal somewhere around year 8 or
so. Easy to work on. Very simple design. No fancy electronics. Mirrors
and windows were all manual on my base model. The diesels of that
vintage were 6 cylinders and thus had a 260 designation on the title,
but were not labeled as such on the vehicle. A friend had one. You
needed a tailwind and steep hill to get the thing past 80 mph.

-Dave Walton
87SDL, 94S350, 99E300

Are the Volvo 240 series a good car?  I think they are 4 cylinders. I seem
to recall these being one of the high mileage gassers

Friend of mine is looking around 1983-1989 vintage.

Are they easy to work on?  Any stories?

Regards Tom Scordato
Bellefonte PA
1979 240D

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