I can provide input as the the rust resistance of Swedish metal. My 84 Saab
900 came from Vermont and has spent most of its life here in Minnesota.

I am quite impressed with the lack of rust on the body, including the
floorpans throughout. The thing came with undercoating. I can see it, and
it's listed on the original sales receipt. The exterior looks quite good,
though I've touched up several small spots. The bottom of the inside of the
doors are their problem spots for rust. Water must accumulate there.

But at the same time, the suspension parts are quite rusty and the brakes
are a mess.

As for Mercedes, I've been quite impressed with their apparent rust
resistance when it comes to the exterior. Just looked at an 84 190D here in
town. It has 277k mi. and only one small bubbling up at the rear margin of
the rear wheel well. Only visible rust underneath is on the exhaust pipe.

As for what I've seen on W123s: The rear passenger compartment on the
outboard sides, are notorious places for rust-through. Always pick up the
carpet and take a peek when looking at one. I was considering an otherwise
good-looking 300D and took a peek and saw the ground.

83 240D

Mike wrote:

>From my understanding, Sweden has the best steel in the world, that has
to add to the integrity of the Volvo's and SAAB's.  Although I would stay
away from a SAAB if you are not experienced in working with them.


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