Agreed, the ride of the Volvo is much more harsh than the MBZ 240D. That harshness translates into better cornering and overall "sporty" feeling in the Volvo. I have owned both and as far as fun to drive I'll take the Volvo around town and the back roads and the Mercedes on the highway at 85MPH. The Volvo cannot compare for high speed, long distance comfort. The Volvo will run circles around the 240D for power but I doubt the same could be said about the MBZ gasser. As far as safety this has got me curious.....I know Volvo's hallmark is the safety of the passengers in a crash. The chassis design of the two cars is VERY similar just looking at it so I would think they would both hold up equally well but I would like to know if there are any statistics saying so.
From my understanding, Sweden has the best steel in the world, that has got
to add to the integrity of the Volvo's and SAAB's. Although I would stay away from a SAAB if you are not experienced in working with them.

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The ride in a new mid '80s 240DL vs a Mercedes 123 was inferior. The
Mercedes was superior to the Volvo in ride, handling and in retrospect
somewhat better longevity. The Volvo was cheaper and a good value for
the money and ALMOST equally safe.

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