Keith Whitwell wrote:
> Roland Scheidegger wrote:
>> Roland Scheidegger wrote:
>>> Didn't have time to look into this yet, but just retesting all the apps
>>> I had trouble with vbo_0_1_branch some months ago showed that the quake3
>>> intro screen is now fixed (with r200).
>> To answer myself, I've fixed a couple of issues, doom3 now seems to run.
>> As for ut2k3/2k4, those just show a bunch of mostly random triangles and
>> eventually (immediately already at intro with sw tnl) segfault.
>> Apparently caused by the index buffer rebasing
>> (vbo_exec_DrawRangeElements), when setting the rebase to 0 and use start
>> as the min_index parameter (i.e. following the suggestion in the
>> comment) it works just fine. In fact, it appears faster than the non-vbo
>> code, despite that the driver still doesn't implement real vbos, though
>> I didn't run any benchmarks.
>> Maybe the buffer rebasing should just be removed (it currently doesn't
>> work with software mesa neither), or would it be worth fixing it?
> Roland,
> Thanks for looking at this - are there any further problems you've
> noticed along the way?
> Keith
No, basically everything seems to be working. I was a bit concerned with
the limits when the split occurs, but that seems to work fine on r200
(though probably not optimal since it's really a buffer size limit not a
fixed vertex count limit for the driver currently). Not sure though what
happens with large index counts (chances are there will be a split
anyway in that case because of too large arrays), there may be hidden
bugs there with the radeon/r200 drivers.

I've done some quick measurements, ut2k3 got up from ~40fps to ~75fps
(which is very nice, this probably brings it roughly back to where it
once was in mesa 5 days if not better, even sw tnl got a big increase
from 27fps to 49fps!), ipers (with lod 1) has about a 20% performance
drop whereas trispd (with size 5) gets down from roughly 25M tris/s to
16M tris/s (obviously due to the removal of the vtxfmt code in the
driver). I'd say that's quite good overall.
The only thing I noticed looking different was the water reflection in
the antalus map in ut2k3/ut2k4, though it could be due to other changes
in the code rather than vbo (it uses some weirdo texgen and at least in
ut2k3 has never looked right neither with sw tnl nor hw tnl, and was
never correct with fglrx neither).


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