Not sure yet how many other properties this applies to? I don't think it
applies to "me" or "the target"...

"the long id of the owner of me" returns incorrectly if "the owner of me"
has the same name as another group on the card.

I came across this while designing a complex group that I want to be able to
cut and paste, so I've been using references like:

  "set the loc of btn "Write" of me to 0,0" - which works fine.


  "set the loc of btn "something" of the owner of me to 0,0" - does not.

At least if you clone the group - it sets the loc of btn "something" of the
first group (not the real owner).

Hope this makes sense, as it's difficult to say in English! I've got round
this by putting a function myGroupid in the owner which returns the long id
of the real thing. I guess somewhere in the engine you are using names not

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