Having a lot more problems than I anticipated with uniquely referring to
objects within a group. The aim is to do this consistently so that if needed
the group can be duplicated on the same card and each group behave as

It is hard to tell what happens as there project is too complex for using
the debugger, but now it looks as if I can't use the following type

    1) btn x of me

    2) btn x of the owner of me

The reason for this is that ther are two objects with the same name as
me/the owner of me. I'm not sure about the target, and I'm not sure about

    3) btn x of myGroup (where mygroup = the long id of me)

Really appreciate some help on this as it's driving me nuts, as I have so
many objects to change the names of for each trial (yes I know I should
experiment on a simple test case first). Anyone know a bullet proof way of
referring to an object? Preferably something of the form "control someName
of someObject" in such a way that these references remain intact iwth
cutting and pasting etc...

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