>As a Mac developer I monitor both the Realbasic and Supercard lists. Whilst
>I'm active (and hopefully have assisted people) on this list, there are
>people using RB and SC who are asking questions which could easily be solved
>using MC. Previously, as a long term SC user, an MC 'mercenary' had a quiet
>word in my ear, and, poached me from the SC list many, many  months ago.
>Although this person will remain anonymous I remain in their debt.
>The question is 'Do I maintain my competitive advantage by keeping quiet...'
>or 'assist by suggestion...'

My philosophy on this issue is that a good tool in the hands of a bad mind is worth 
less then a bad tool in the hands of a good mind. At the same time a larger user base 
of MetaCard is beneficial to almost everybody involved with the product. 
The worst thing that can happen to a MC developer is to see possible clients shying 
away from their product because they never heard of MetaCard. Not to mention my recent 
experience with a web hosting company trying to use MC for cgi. 

>Gary Rathbone
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>Info: http://www.xworlds.com/metacard/mailinglist.htm
>Please send bug reports to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, not this list.

Regards, Andu 

Archives: http://www.mail-archive.com/metacard%40lists.best.com/
Info: http://www.xworlds.com/metacard/mailinglist.htm
Please send bug reports to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, not this list.

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