on 9/23/00 2:49 PM, Gary Rathbone at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> The question is 'Do I maintain my competitive advantage by keeping quiet...'
> or 'assist by suggestion...'

To me, there's no question here. You help out if you can. The only question
I ask is, "Am I being intrusively promotional of a competing product on this
product's list?" And that question tends to cause me to be quiet. If there
is an obvious case for MetaCard, then I'll state it. If someone mentions
looking for a way to solve a problem, as someone recently did on the 4D (a
database product with rapid application development capabilities) list, and
doesn't mention MetaCard, then I'll point out that they should consider it.
But I don't go much farther than that unless someone asks me directly off
the list. 


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