As part of my campaign to make distributable components out of Metacard
groups... I find myself dissatisfied with the way that Metacard looks for an
object by name.

I am at the moment writing for every single object reference that I script
something like:

 put "hello" into fld "Text" of the owner of me

The reason for this is just in case there is another field named text in the
environment. Now this is beginning to annoy me as it is long winded. I would
prefer "fld Text" to refer first to a field named text within the current
group, and then anything in groups within any groups in that group, and not
to something outside of the current group unless I explicitly say so.

Now as this would clearly cause too many compatibility problems, how about a
little change so that I can set an object property (stack or group), so that
when "groupReferences is true" all references to controls are within the
current group (ie the owner)? This should apply to numbers as well as names.

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