Unfortunately, the Livecode-dev archives available on the web (the former improve-revolution archives) reach back only until October 2003 and the earliest entry on the present Metacard list archives is from Nov 11, 2004. Can someone of you point me to the complete improve-revolution and metacard-list archives for the year 2003? They must be stored somewhere.

I made a search on some of my older computers - such running Windows 98 - and was confronted with difficulties when trying to transfer the data , because file structure and necessary transfer media were not fully compatible (When using Iomega-Zip disks this worked in the direction Win 98 to Win XP, but only once, and then the Zip disks needed to be reformatted on Win 98, which however wasn't possible with most of the Zip disks.).

Another problem for me was that I had been using computers both in my university office and at home, which had their preferences set in such a way that when you downloaded from your mail lists on one computer, the same mails were no longer accessible from another computer, which surely was an unwise setting of preferences. The older computers from my office have long been trashed, so a number of these old mails have been lost.

Nevertheless, I found some statements by Kevin from around the time when Revolution had acquired the Metacard engine

On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, Kevin Miller had written - commenting on and verifying his own earlier statement:

> This is in writing; Rev has stated that publicly that they will continue
> to allow the MC IDE to continue to work with the new Rev engine.

Yes.  And I'll state it again here in case there is any confusion.

I think this is the most important statement from Kevin's side.

On the same date Kevin continues with:

> it's the *same engine*, just
> given a new name. When they add features to it for the benefit of Rev
> users, MC users who wish to continue with the MC IDE can just drop in
> the new engine and go.

Right.  So this acquisition means we can, over a period of time, gradually
integrate the various language extensions that Revolution has got, and make
that available to people who are still using MetaCard.  Thus, you can look
forward to database access, text to speech, XML, and all the other stuff
getting integrated neatly into the language.

An really interesting statement, even indicating that possibly Metacard IDE users would, although gradually, get the benefit of of new Revolution features.

And another finding in line with the above quotes:

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003 06:17:37 -0800 (PST) Alejandro Tejada <capellan2...@yahoo.com> thanks Kevin for being able to continue to use the MC IDE , which only makes sense of course when you have a compatibility of newer engines and the MC IDE in mind and not just the possibility to continue to use the Metacard engine and IDE of that time (which would be trivial and not worth mentioning):

>And you are quite free to go on using the MC IDE if
>you wish.

Thanks Kevin, you really understand this need.

So much for the - hopefully lifelong - relationship between Livecode engines and the MC IDE.

Kind regards,

Wilhelm Sanke

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