On 9/8/11 1:34 PM, Shari wrote:
On 9/8/11 12:51 PM, Shari wrote:
Remove the carriage return between the "get random" line and the first
"if it is". Then the rest will align.

No luck. I moved the first "if" right up under the "get" to no avail. It
still doesn't align.

Works in 4.6.4.

Ah. I'm at 4.6.3.

But that is confusing as 4.6.3/4.6.4 is the engine, and as far as I know
I'm using the latest MC IDE of 4.1. Wouldn't this be an IDE issue?

Version 4.6.4 was released yesterday. Log into your LiveCode store account and download the latest, if your license allows it.

It could be an IDE issue, I'm not sure. I know the engine does a lot of the parsing, but I tested in LiveCode, not in the MC IDE. I don't use MC often for actual development any more, I use it mostly just to test and run existing stacks.

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