I finally installed LiveCode and the latest MC IDE 4.1 (had been using Rev prior to LiveCode). For the most part it all went smoothly but I've encountered a really distracting issue.

I opened a project that was in-the-works and the script indent is awry, making it very difficult to work.


on someHandler
get random(5)

if it is 1 then

   else if it is 2 then

      else if it is 3 then

          else if it is 4 then

               else if it is 5 then

                     end if
                        end someHandler

                        on someOtherHandler

                        end someOtherHandler

If I have not filled in some of the else-ifs yet, those get indented additionally so that the end result is that the end of the handler is not lined up with the beginning, even though there are no errors in the handler. This additional indentation carries all the way down thru subsequent handlers as well so that every handler after the empty else-if is so indented that it's halfway across the window.

Sure I could put some bogus space filler in there but that sort of negates how I work, which isn't from top to bottom. I'm accustomed to looking for the empty else-if's to fill in the blanks. I'm also accustomed to creating blank-shells handlers so that I know what needs to be done.

Is there some way to fix the indents so that the only additional indents are for script errors, and not empty places that I just haven't filled in yet? This is driving me up a wall!


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