On Sep 8, 2011, at 1:34 PM, Shari wrote:

>> On 9/8/11 12:51 PM, Shari wrote:
>>>> Remove the carriage return between the "get random" line and the first
>>>> "if it is". Then the rest will align.
>>> No luck. I moved the first "if" right up under the "get" to no avail. It
>>> still doesn't align.
>> Works in 4.6.4.
> Ah. I'm at 4.6.3.
> But that is confusing as 4.6.3/4.6.4 is the engine, and as far as I know I'm 
> using the latest MC IDE of 4.1.  Wouldn't this be an IDE issue?

Shari, sorry I didn't catch this earlier, but the answer is *yes*, it's an IDE 
issue... I put the script formatter in the MC IDE through a significant 
overhaul in IDE 4.1 and it looks like something crept in I hadn't tested for.

I'll fix the IDE and put out a new build as soon as I'm able. 

Sorry about that...

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