Version 4.6.4 was released yesterday. Log into your LiveCode store account and download the latest, if your license allows it.

It could be an IDE issue, I'm not sure. I know the engine does a lot of the parsing, but I tested in LiveCode, not in the MC IDE. I don't use MC often for actual development any more, I use it mostly just to test and run existing stacks.

A day late, too funny! I ended up creating a fake handler called "filler" and sticking it in all the blank places that need to be filled out.

I'd just spent several days upgrading two computers with LiveCode, the MC IDE, and then discovering that LiveCode didn't like some of my existing source code that had been rolling along happily for a decade. I've had enough fun with upgrades and I think I'll sit tight for the moment. I think I'd lose my marbles if I went through another round of upgrading.

I did get to use the MC standalone builder for the first time since the new incarnation. I likey! The Mac side worked flawlessly though I did still need to make some manual changes to the plist file and a couple other things inside the package.

The Win standalone builder failed, gave no reason for failing, so I tried creating the Win version on the Mac and that worked flawlessly. First time ever for building a standalone for one OS on another OS and having it work happily.

"If it ain't broke, don't upgrade it."
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