I'm using almost exactly the same stack as you (Python 2.7.12/Mezz 
4.2.3/Django 1.10.8). I'm running it on Ubuntu, but it shouldn't make any 
difference with Windows or Mac. 

One more question: when you said you are creating a 'top-level' menu item - 
did you mean at the same level as About and Contact? 

If you would be so kind, would you be able to submit a bug report at 
https://github.com/peterkmurphy/menuplaceholder/issues, with a description 
of what menus items you added and remove, what OS, and so on. I admit I am 
completely flummoxed at this point, but I want to sort out this bug in my 

Best regards,

On Friday, April 6, 2018 at 10:45:29 PM UTC+10, iain ross wrote:
> Hello Peter, 
> I had tried "menuplaceholder" both at the top and bottom of installed 
> apps, clickable in either place. 
> Any other ideas? 
> Using Mezz 4.2.3, Django 1.10 and Python 2.7.13 
> -- 
> Regards, 
> Iain. 

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