> that bsd is being crowded out, a thought that had not crossed my mind.
> I wanted to know, before assuming that it is the case everywhere, do
> people really not like systemd and is it really hurting bsd? If so,
> I'd be interested in doing something about it. Thanks, David

yes, systemd has become a very polarizing subject due to its
unportability (as it's written in pure C) and the mindset and actions of
its authors. it is much, much more than an init daemon and while its
prevalence has served to hurt other systems in the short-term, I
guarantee you will we work around it and do systemd's job properly and
safely just as (we) have done with other software in the past. i am not
a long-term OpenBSD contributor and am admittedly a fledgling
programmer, but from what I've witnessed much of the
systemd/anti-systemd debate is rife with needless animosity and ego.

> That said there is a GSOC project underway as we type to bring a much
> slimmed down systemd look-alike functionality to OpenBSD to allow more
> not-well written software to be ported.

that's me :)
soon, (by the end of gsoc) we will have perfect implementations of
hostnamed, localed, and timedated as well as a framework for porting the
logind behemoth. you can follow the progress at


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