2014-06-29 1:05 GMT+02:00 ian kremlin <i...@kremlin.cc>:
>> that bsd is being crowded out, a thought that had not crossed my mind.
>> I wanted to know, before assuming that it is the case everywhere, do
>> people really not like systemd and is it really hurting bsd? If so,
>> I'd be interested in doing something about it. Thanks, David
> yes, systemd has become a very polarizing subject due to its
> unportability (as it's written in pure C) and the mindset and actions of
> its authors. it is much, much more than an init daemon and while its
> prevalence has served to hurt other systems in the short-term, I
> guarantee you will we work around it and do systemd's job properly and
> safely just as (we) have done with other software in the past. i am not
> a long-term OpenBSD contributor and am admittedly a fledgling
> programmer, but from what I've witnessed much of the
> systemd/anti-systemd debate is rife with needless animosity and ego.

systemd is very invasive and destroys all that different. That's why
people are angry.


by Rich Felker (musl libc).

>> That said there is a GSOC project underway as we type to bring a much
>> slimmed down systemd look-alike functionality to OpenBSD to allow more
>> not-well written software to be ported.
> that's me :)
> soon, (by the end of gsoc) we will have perfect implementations of


btw. it's bashism in a posix shell suit?


> hostnamed, localed, and timedated as well as a framework for porting the
> logind behemoth. you can follow the progress at
> https://uglyman.kremlin.cc/gitweb/gitweb.cgi?p=systemd-utl.git
> ian

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