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> wanted to know, before assuming that it is the case everywhere, do people
> really not like systemd and is it really hurting bsd? If so, I'd be
> interested in doing something about it. Thanks, David

A fact is that systemd slowly tears the open source world apart.
Whether that is a bad thing for BSD or a bad thing for Linux is
something that only time will tell.  There is no sign of decline
in BSD activity, both development and usage, as far as I can tell.

Another fact is that systemd is driven by a large cooperation
and aimed for maximum coverage, which has been mostly achieved.
Whether the framework has a skynet-esque future ahead of it is
something that remains to be seen as well.  With all the `tentacles'
mentioned by Stuart, that is not a far-fetched, yet still daring,

Finally, systemd is written by remarkable people who more often
than not fail to address the constructive criticism they have
been facing.  Their lack for the other side will keep them from
making systemd something that is worthwhile for all of today's
modern operating systems if such a feat can indeed be achieved.

I'm not so sure.

If we are in such dire need of an init system replacement, why
has there not been widespread frenzy as with schedulers, package
managers, packet filters, programming languages and so forth?


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