> Umm, there are at least
> 24 links on that page to various projects that need done, to which are

if you don't have the time to look through a list of a couple dozen
items for the subject of what you have been criticizing, then i don't
have the time to reply to your petty, innocuous emails. i don't know
what to tell you: i regularly publish snapshots which compile with
strict compiler settings of my project. i pull a single library (GLib)
and have written everything in straight C. i'm valgrinding the shit
out of this bitch before i tag a release candidate and will check,
line by line, every GLib function i call to guarantee i'm free()'ing
everything i'm supposed to and that there are none of the common
over/underflow you'd see in a lazy individual's code. i'm integrating
checksums to guarantee each daemon is afforded the bare-minimum
security policies it can operate under. i host all of this on my
domain from money out of my college-student pockets. would you like to
see what i sent to my mentors when requesting this project? it's got
UNIX and blind sincerity out the wing-wang. i'm fervently passionate
about staying the hell away from systemd and making its existence a
non-issue for luckier operating systems. that's what this whole
project is about; if you actually care about the direction it's
taking, please feel free to read my code and mail me with whatever
issues/bugs you can find -- i'll happily review and patch them in.


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