> https://uglyman.kremlin.cc/gitweb/gitweb.cgi?p=systemd-utl.git There
> is either something wrong with the web page or firefox as it mentions
> that the connection was reset while the page was loading. However,
> I've used

you probably caught me in the middle of a reboot

> yet. But I wanted to know, (it's docs are unclear as to what it is
> supposed to do,) is it intended to replace systemd? I was going to

no. no, no, no it is not. it is meant to provide a few very basic DBus
interfaces who expose an API similar to systemd ones. this is necessary
for porting some GNOME components that depend on them. most of these
DBus interfaces (hostnamed, localed, timedated) have method/properties
that map straight to OpenBSD's standard library. the last one, logind,
is quite complicated and most of my work will concern setting up a
framework for future development.

> propose, if nobody else had, to work to replace systemd. I've read a
> lot about it and it's been sending chills up my spine. The devs are

i am not personally a fan of systemd either, i don't intend to "bring
systemd to openbsd" or anything like that. my code will still have to
stand up to the usual caliber openbsd ports are subject to, there are no
special guarantees because i am a gsoc student.


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