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> Subject: i386 or amd64?

If the hardware supports it, run amd64.

> If I have 8GB, I for sure want to use it all.

You will need amd64 for that.  But even if you have less memory,
the larger address space is beneficial.  Also, AES-NI support is
only implemented for amd64.  And some crypto algorithms are just
faster on 64 bits.

> amd64 has this caveat: "(Some Intel 
> processors lack support for important PAE NX bit, which means those 
> machines will run without any W^X support -- it is thus safer to run 
> those machines in i386 mode)."

That is true but very misleading.  It concerns only some rare early
CPUs.  The only ones I can find in Wikipedia's lists of Intel CPUs
are the "Nocona" Xeons from 2004.

I have now removed that caveat from the page.

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