On Tue, 21 Nov 2017 17:11:34 +0000 (UTC)

> I would preffer to run the script for relinking kernel from
> time to time manually, and not run it at boot time. The same
> for reordering libraries.

Why exactly? If you shutdown straight away and the relinking works next
time then the window of investigating your gadget layout is as
insignificant as it can be. Doing it another way only increases that

> I also avoid to start deamons at boot time that I not need
> at the moment. See it as the opposite of the systemd ideology.

Fair enough but doesn't apply here. Systemd sacrifices in many
usability areas for boot speed which is rarely faster
(propaganda to get support?) especially with concurrency on HDD (single
head arm). I don't see an issue with relinking that decreases boot speed
slightly but may SAVE YOUR BUTT, when you least expect it to.

The script is in /usr/libexec if you must but to quote Theo to me a
number of times. "You own the pieces"

Remember, any issues with the current system like xenodm being held up
will be maintained and personally I don't see the benefit?

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