There is a bit of information that I am missing. You mentioned that the
throughput on your Amilo, with OpenBSD, is 240KB/s whereas "other OS"
(SiC) is able to get a throughput of 1.4MB/s.

What application are you using to measure the performance? And this is
not meant as an insult, but could it be that whatever you are using on
OpenBSD shows the speed in KByte/s, whereas "other OS" shows it in

Second, this might seem unrelated, could you list your fstab? I would
like to know whether to applied the 'noatime,softdep' options :-)


On Mon, 2018-02-12 at 22:24 +0000, Zsolt Kantor wrote:
> I've tried different channels and also different modes, I even
> replaced the 6.2 firmware with the snapshot (the snapshot version is
> a little bit bigger in size) hoping that it will work better. To be
> sure with the configuration I used the same channel and mode with
> which in other OS (Windows) is working well. So now I'm even more
> close to the idea that it is a bug in the firmware. If somebody can
> guaranty that it is not from the firmware than it should be a
> configuration issue, but as I stated before I have not touched
> anything related to network configuration, I just made a fresh
> install and the basic config to set up xfce, that's all.
> Probably I will fill out a bug report.
> Thanks for the support, If you have some other ideas please let me
> know.   

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