On 2018-02-12, Zsolt Kantor <zsoltkan...@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> I've tried different channels and also different modes, I even
> replaced the 6.2 firmware with the snapshot (the snapshot version is a
> little bit bigger in size) hoping that it will work better.

It doesn't hurt in this case for wpi, but don't do that:

- 6.2 firmware is for use with 6.2.

- snapshot firmware is for use with a current snapshot. You can't rely
on it working with an earlier release version.

Regarding your problem, you need to isolate things more before anyone
can give meaningful advice. Does this only affect wireless or also
wired? If I understand correctly you see this with downloading and
writing to disk, does it also show up with just network traffic?
(can you run iperf or similar to a computer on the same network?
or at least speedtest-cli?)

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