I have an X230i and an E550, and as of 6.2, Open BSD works fine on both.

I'm not sure how kindly Open BSD and libreboot would take to  each other 
though, so if it was me I'd avoid using that one.


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On 19 Feb 2018, 09:01, at 09:01, crimeangot...@nigge.rs wrote:
>Hey everyone, I am pretty stupid when it comes to less user friendly
>operating systems. I currently use slackware/windows and am thinking of
>using OpenBSD on either my thinkpad e420 or my libreboot t400. Are
>either supported(or at least possible to install on?) I’m sorry if this
>question has already been asked but I can’t really find any answers and
>the mailing list archive is barren as well. 

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