I use an x230, too, but I have some problems with the enterprise WPA. It 
disconnects at irregular intervals and then at the moment I need to manually 
reconnect with 'ifconfig iwn0 down up' -> wpa_cli reconn -> wpa_cli reassoc -> 
dhclient iwn0.

Would be interested if your wpa_supplicant is differently configured from mine 
if you don't have such problems... If it's roughly the same, then it must be 
specific to the wifi configuration at my workplace.


PS: Didn't cc the list because it's somewhat off topic. If I can identify a 
fix, I would probably cc the list again.

On February 23, 2018 8:57:15 PM UTC, Leighton Sheppard 
<leigh...@mail.computersystems.guru> wrote:
>On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 12:55:39PM +0100, C. wrote:
>> -> 2018-02-19 Mon 10:00, crimeangot...@nigge.rs,
>> > 
>> > Hey everyone, I am pretty stupid when it comes to less user
>> > operating systems. I currently use slackware/windows and am
>> > of using OpenBSD on either my thinkpad e420 or my libreboot t400.
>> > either supported(or at least possible to install on?) I???m sorry
>> > this question has already been asked but I can???t really find any
>> > answers and the mailing list archive is barren as well.  Thanks!
>> OpenBSD 6.2 runs smoothly on my Thinkpad X260 and on the Thinkpad
>> as well. 
>> The only thing I tested without any success was the DisplayPort on
>> docking station. I had not had the time to investigate further. (It
>> works neither on my X260 nor on my T470.) The Mini-DP on the X260
>> fine, better even than on Linux. I have not yet tested the DP in the
>> USB-C-Everything-Port on the T470.
>> Kind regards
>> Christian
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>> [ Insert favourite quote here. ]
>I use an x230 daily with OpenBSD, no issues at all. Got WPA2-Enterprise
>working well with it also, just some minor wpa_supplicant setup needed.

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