I successfully installed OpenBSD on a Libreboot X200.  Libreboot's
payload is Grub2, but they don't include the code for booting
OpenBSD, so it's necessary to chain load SeaBIOS from GRUB and boot
OpenBSD from there.  You would need to include SeaVGABIOS and disable
inteldrm* in the OpenBSD kernel.  And you would need a libreboot_grub.cfg
that looks something like this:

menuentry 'OpenBSD' {
        multiboot (sda,ufs1)/bios.bin.elf
        module (sda,ufs1)/vgabios.bin name=vgaroms/seavgabios.bin

However, since this is going to be your first OpenBSD machine, I
wouldn't recommend installing it on the Libreboot.  It gave me a
headache, and I have been using OpenBSD since version 3.9.  I think
it would leave a poor first impression of a system that's actually
pretty easy to install and use!

Best wishes,

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