On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 11:00:06AM +0000, Mihai Popescu wrote:
> >  ... should be ...
> Why are some people considering OpenBSD should suit them and only them?
> They are not even part from development project, they are not even
> close to the concept and still proclaiming on the mail list what
> "should be". I always wonder where this feeling of better knowledge
> comes from.

Learn what you want to use your system for. I use two different
disklabels, one for a system that is strictly for Desktop with no space
wasted on development partitions.
The second uses partitions for development. For example, /usr/ports
/usr/distfiles /usr/packages /usr/pobj.
Since I always use the webserver, if I want to do work with that also, I
add /var/www as a partition.
I do not add a /home partition, but just add a home folder to some other
partition in order to gain another development partition.
You usually need a non-root user for testing.
You can set a configuration to make the /home just something like

You should be learning more first. Get a few USB sticks to boot off of
and start playing around and read the FAQ and man pages about the .conf

Best way to learn is to really screw the pooch and then find out why. We
all did that at one time.

It takes some time to learn OpenBSD and it keeps moving forward
constantly changing. Note that that usually means getting MUCH better
and MORE secure.

Have a little fun. And you will find a piece of documentation that says,
first panic, you're going to do that anyway. :)

Chris Bennett

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