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I installed cowsay and erroneously thought there was an error in the manpage. 
Looked up cowsay in ports and wrote an email to the maintainer. The email 
bounced back. 

Who would one email to in such a case?


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Sent: 12 April 2018 6:08 AM
Subject: Re: Community-driven OpenBSD tutorials wiki?

On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 8:26 AM, Peter N. M. Hansteen <> wrote:

> If you think you don't have the seniority to start submitting patches
> when you see a bug (even a typo in a man page or the faq), you're most
> likely wrong. Your first efforts will not be perfect of course, but if
> you put in the effort and are able to learn from constructive criticism,
> it's likely sooner or later you will be adding real value.

This.  I once submitted a patch to update THE PUBLIC WEBSITE (I
replaced some broken links with archived versions) and it was approved
without demur and on the website the next day.  If you have a change
to make and a patch to implement it, you can shape OpenBSD's future,
even if it's just to make sure the website has no broken links.
That's what keeps me coming back.

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