On 14 Apr 2018, Mehma Sarja wrote:

> I think what Jan is saying is sometimes we go to the hardware store for a
> particular task, like weather proofing the home. And sometimes we go to the
> store just to see what they have and you might want without a particular
> project in mind.
> Man pages, as opposed to woman pages, help one accomplish a task. A wiki
> might give you ideas that did not occur to you.

Do note though that OpenBSD, unusually among my limited experience, has
some great "general overview" manpages that reference others that are
more about specific tasks, netintro(4) for example whose SEE ALSO yields
fruitful exploration. (Other pages like usb(4) have plenty of references
in other sections too.) Or, for configuring software, the packages often
put good ideas into some examples/ directory that show how to realize
various things. Admittedly it can take a bit of time to really sit and
study this stuff but there are already ideas out there in these places
and a fair few of the broader topics also get a more obvious-at-a-glance
treatment in the also-preexisting OpenBSD FAQ whose outline is well
worth reading to see what's possible. Of course, a further source of
ideas is the topics that arise on this list.

-- Mark

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